Mirror's Edge Catalyst offers first look at huge Anchor District map

This is just one area of the city to explore, mind you. There is more to come.


Mirror's Edge Catalyst may have been delayed by two weeks, but fans are still clamoring for information about the parkour-style action game. And luckily, the dev team at DICE have been more than happy to oblige, releasing a very early look at the Anchor District in the city of Glass.

In a tweet from the official game account, DICE offered barebones glimpse of what one part of the city would look like. This got fans buzzing, with many asking if it would all be explorable. "The whole city will be explorable," DICE said in a followup. "Today we've only shown you the Anchor district, but more will follow."

It is possible that DICE will add more to the map before launch to fully flesh out the city. "Explorable" could mean anything from just being able to traverse the entire area to the whole district being an integral part of the story. Be sure to check out the videos we created of the gameplay, and our followup discussion of the game.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is coming on June 7 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was delayed to process feedback from the ongoing closed beta.

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