Destiny glitch causes Bungie to cancel Trials of Osiris event

An exploit disrupts game balance, leading Bungie to cancel the next two special events until Destiny can be patched.


Players who uncovered a glitch to let them earn an unlimited amount of ammo rockets compelled Bungie to cancel this weekend's Trials of Osiris event for Destiny, as well as Iron Banner, the next event in the lineup.

"Heavy Ammunition is a rare commodity in the Crucible, and with good reason," explained Bungie community manager David Dague in a This Week at Bungie blog post. "There are few defenses against a well-aimed Rocket that lands squarely at your feet. We limit the deliveries of purple crates to the battlefield to make those explosive moments the highlight of a match."

Destiny's developers knew they couldn't allow the event to continue, yet they didn't want to penalize the players who discovered the glitch by dropping ban hammers. After all, they'd only found a new way to play the game, one permissible in Bungie's code.

Instead, Bungie made the decision to cancel Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner until developers have hunted down and exterminated the offending bugs.

In the meantime, the developer addressed the issue in the Reddit thread where word of the exploit originated. "While we won't ban you for stumbling into a bottomless well of explosive ordnance, we will impose restrictions on players who compromise the overall experience--either willingly or unwillingly. It's never a thing we celebrate, but we're committed to protecting the game. The keepers of the Banhammer have beefed up their automated security measures to issue restrictions to cheaters as well as players with consistently bad Internet connections that break the Crucible."

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