Google announces its VR-focused platform, Daydream

Daydream will soon be able to give mobile users the VR experience they deserve.


Google is taking its step into the VR ring a step further as it has announced Daydream, a new initiative that will make mobile VR devices much more comfortable to use.

Daydream will run on Android N mobile devices and will even have its own specification for upcoming phones. Daydream-ready smartphones will need to meet a set number of specific requirements in order to deliver the VR experience Google wants. A number of major phone manufacturers, including Samsung, Motorola, and more, are already working on Daydream-ready smartphones, which will be available by this Fall.

Not only is Google focusing on the hardware side of things with Daydream-ready smartphones, it’s also attempting to tackle how manufacturers create their respective headsets for the platform. Google has created a reference design for headsets that work seamlessly with Daydream-ready phones, which it’s sharing with partners across the ecosystem, several of which will be available this Fall.

That’s not all, as Google has also announced a controller for Daydream that’s kept very simple. It has two face buttons and a clickable touchpad that allows the user to scroll and swipe. Within the controller is an orientation sensor, which helps Daydream know where it’s located, how it’s pointed, where it’s turning, and more. This will help translate a more fluid VR experience as the user will wave around the controller in order to manipulate various things within the VR world.


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