Google announces its Amazon Echo rival, Google Home

Move over, Alexa. Google Home may soon be taking your place in everyone's homes.


In addition to it’s new Google Assistant service, Google has revealed it will be once again entering your home space as Google Home is expected to launch later this year.

Google Home may seem familiar to Amazon Echo users as it allows users to be able to listen to music, podcasts, and more directly from its compact, form-factor speaker, all of which is pulled from the cloud. The device supports Google Cast, which means users will be able to control other speakers in your home directly from Google Home. For example: you can have music play to a specific speaker, or across all speakers in your home.

Google Home will also allow users to manage their everyday tasks effortlessly as you can simply ask Google for information that’s already available via your Google account. Google Home can provide updates on your flight itinerary, search for an answer to homework question, and more. The device will also allow users to be able to control a number of smart home products, such as Nest.

Google Home is expected to release some time later this year.

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