Fable Legends reportedly cost $75M to develop

That's an insane amount for development of a free-to-play game.


We learned Lionhead Studios was shuttered this past March, leaving the fate of Fable Legends unknown as of now. According to a new report, it appears Fable Legends may have been a legend in its own right as a high-ranking Lionhead source says $75 million was spent developing the game.

The report comes from a Eurogamer feature highlighting Lionhead Studios. The story makes mention of the studio’s most recent project, Fable Legends, and according to one source, was hemorrhaging money due to Microsoft wanting to use it was a graphical showcase.

“They constantly wanted to use Legends as a demo for something new,” the source says. “Legends should have been dirt cheap to produce, that's the whole point of a free-to-play game. If people don't like the game, you take a small cut. If they do, you build more of what the people want. Legends cost a large amount of money, and was delayed countless times so we could show off some other piece of Microsoft tech.”

$75 million is an extremely high amount of money to spend on a free-to-play game, which appears to have been out of the hands of Lionhead Studios later on in its development. It appears because of Microsoft’s persistence to use the game to show off several of its own technologies, the game’s scale became much larger than it should have been in order to become a successful free-to-play game.

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