Hitman gets its first Elusive Target on Friday the 13th

Just who could the elusive target be and why should they be taken out on such an unlucky day? 


Would-be assassins will be able to attempt to take down their first Elusive Target in Hitman tomorrow, May 13, 2016.

Elusive Targets are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with this first target only being available to take down for 48 hours. Intel on the Elusive Target will be limited, won’t appear in Instinct Mode or the mini map and their location won’t be revealed to the player, forcing you to go out and find them.

Players need to plan accordingly prior to attempting to take down the target, who can only die once. If you die, if the time runs out, or if you fail the mission, the Elusive Target will be gone for good.

While Square Enix is giving Hitman players a heads up about its first Elusive Target, it says there may not be so much warning next time. To learn about future targets, the publisher encourages Hitman players to visit its forums or follow Hitman on social media.

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