The Division's servers are going down for maintenance on May 12

Agents should prepare for around three hours of downtime when the servers go down on May 12.


Ubisoft has announced The Division’s servers will be going down for maintenance on May 12.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game’s weekly scheduled maintenance, you should expect servers to go down on May 12 at 3am ET / 12am PT with its downtime expected to take place for approximately 3 hours.

Unfortunately, this week’s server maintenance will not bring any changes to the game, and will instead just be Massive Entertainment’s way of keeping its servers in tip-top shape.

The Division’s server maintenance period changed from Tuesday mornings to Thursday mornings a few weeks ago, although Ubisoft didn’t give any real reason as to why it was changed.

The Division has been experiencing ongoing issues with bugs and glitches since its launch, especially when it released its first Incursion, Falcon Lost. Since then, we’ve seen a bug that deleted Agents, the Competent Glitch, and more. Thankfully, Massive compensated players with Phoenix Credits a few weeks ago for putting up with its continued bugs.

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