Nuclear Golf tees off on PS4, Vita this summer

How would nine holes on a course bathed in toxic waste play out? Nuclear Golf may have an answer.


Touchfight Games didn't set out to create a new genre of golf game when it started work on Nuclear Golf. Chalk the game up to a happy accident: the 2D, arcade-style golf game in the vein of Stickman Golf will launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this summer, according to a PlayStation blog.

"Creating Nuclear Golf has been an exercise in layering increasingly thick coats of ridiculousness onto a fun, trajectory-based arcade golfing experience," the developer wrote. "If you chip away the weirdness and get to its core, this game is all about skill, crazy trick shots, and trying not to melt into a pool of gory, irradiated goo before you beat the boss at the end of each course. Okay, yeah, so that’s still pretty weird. Sorry."

Nuclear Golf introduces other twists on the game's classic formula. In addition to boss fights, players are in a race against their radiation gauge, which gradually fills as they work to complete holes. That makes courses as much a matter of haste and speed as it does accuracy and planning.

And, like playing Dark Souls, Nuclear Golf's developers advise you to prepare to die. "Death is inevitable on your first few attempts, but one of the things we love about watching people play is seeing their skills improve with each run. Landing insane trick shots using the arsenal of crazy balls we’ve concocted is super satisfying, too. Just watch out for the buzz saws, crushers, and spikes."

The radioactive cherry on top is the ability to upgrade your golf balls with new abilities. Balls gain experience as you use them, gaining abilities such as boost for a blast of momentum mid-flight, backspin to manipulate gravity, and more.

Nuclear Golf is a cross-buy title, and will launch on PS4 and Vita in the next few months.

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