Heroes of the Storm's Chromie wastes no time in her Hero Spotlight video

Chromie will soon have time on her side when she's released in Heroes of the Storm next week.


Blizzard Entertainment revealed two new Heroes would be entering the Nexus. The first, Chromie, will be released during the week of May 17. Today, Blizzard has released her spotlight giving us some background information on her as well as her abilities in Heroes of the Storm.

Chromie is described as a fragile, yet devastating artillery assassin that’s capable of trapping her enemies, and then taking them out from afar. Her Timewalker trait allows her to gain talents and abilities one level ahead of all other heroes, which if put in the right hands, can be a powerful as long as players take advantage of it as soon as possible.

Chromie’s primary abilities include Sand Blast, which fires a large ball of sand, damaging the first enemy hero it hits. Sand Blast can go past minions and be directed at enemy heroes. Her next ability is Dragon’s Breath, and activating it conjures up her true Bronze Dragon nature, which lets loose an attack within a target area. Enemies literally won’t know what hit them as there won’t be an area of effect indicator when used. The last ability, Time Trap, freezes enemy heroes in stasis for a short period of time.

Chromie’s two heroics are Slowing Sands and Temporal Loop. Slowing Sands creates a zone of whirling sand that will slow enemies and will continue until either Chromie cancels it, or runs out of mana. The longer it’s activated, the stronger its slowing effect. Her Temporal Loop heroic binds an enemy hero to a particular location, which they’ll return to no matter how far they travel after a short amount of time.

Chromie is expected to release in Heroes of the Storm some time next week. Want to learn about Chromie and the additional updates coming to Heroes of the Storm? Check out Greg Burke's interview with Heroes of the Storm's production director Kaeo Milker after Chromie's hero spotlight video.

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