Battleborn already getting hotfixes and patches from Gearbox

The Gentleman Sniper Robot to get a little less dominant on the battlefield.


Gearbox has apparently been getting lots of feedback from fans regarding Battleborn, and has already instituted some updates with more on the way.

In a blog post on the official site, Gearbox has been taking all the feedback it is getting and trying to hotfix and patch the game to satisfy complaints. For example, people can now replay or skip the cinematics thanks to a hotfix. And apparently Marquis sniping at range versus Sentry shields is annoying, so that will be addressed in an upcoming patch. 

Gearbox said it is willing to "quickly fine-tune on the fly," so players can expect more hotfixes, as well as weekly balance updates and additional content. 

Steve is working on a review for Battleborn, and it has been interesting hearing him (let's just say) comment about certain aspects of the game. Apparently he isn't alone. Battleborn launched on Tuesday and we will have our review-in-progress posted soon.

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