Angry Birds Action! brings the flock to pinball-like obstacle courses

Built-in functionalities let players unlock content by going to see Angry Birds The Movie on opening weekend and scanning real-world products, probably without paying for them.


Imagine a game where you fling round objects that go careening into other objects to score points. Maybe you pictured pinball, or maybe you pictured one of Rovio Entertainment's many Angry Birds games. Ah! You pictured both! Way to multitask!

Angry Birds Action! is a pinball-style game landing on iOS and Android just in time for the release of Angry Birds the Movie, due out this month. Published by Rovio and developed by Tag Teams, the game is viewed from the top down, as one would view a pinball table, and has close ties to the theatrical release of the film based on the property.

In fact, Angry Birds Action! is based more on the movie than it is another duplication of the tried-and-true-and-profitable formula. The game stars Red, Chuck, Bomb and Terence, characters from the movie, and you guide them as they bounce around the screen.

"Along the way, players unlock exclusive additional content by going to see The Angry Birds Movie on opening weekend, and also play augmented-reality mini-games," according to a press release. Players access these extras by opening their phones in the theater... after credits roll.

Alongside AR mini-games, Rovio and Tag are testing out another modality of game/real-world integration that sounds like it could backfire in spectacular fashion. "BirdCodes at retail partners require no purchase to function - just walk in, find the BirdCode, scan and enjoy. However, take-home consumer products bearing BirdCodes really should be purchased before, you know, taking them home."

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