Fire Emblem Fates getting new story-based DLC next week

Prepare for an all-new story as new DLC will soon be available for Fire Emblem Fates.


Nintendo has announced new DLC maps will be made available for Fire Emblem Fates starting on May 5.

The first map, called I: In Endless Dreams, will be available to download for $0.49 with additional maps launching each week until June 9. All of the maps that release after I: In Endless Dreams will retail for $1.99 each, with those who want to receive each new map once it releases given the opportunity to purchase the Map Pack 2 for $7.99.

Unlike Map Pack 1, Map Pack 2 will tell an ongoing story as other versions of the Hoshidan and Nohrian children are under attack, across different dimensions, of course. “Born and raised in the Deeprealms, these fledgling warriors must now rise up to save themselves and their parents as they unravel the mystery of their adversaries,” the official description for the map pack reads.

Map Pack 2 will tell its story across six maps, although previously leveled-up units from the main game won’t be accessible. Instead, players will need to start with a fresh team in order to reap the DLC pack’s rewards.

Here are the names of the upcoming maps, their respective release dates, and pricing:

  • May 5-June 9 – Map Pack 2 ($7.99)
  • May 5 – I: In Endless Dreams (49 cents)
  • May 12 – II: Realms Collide ($1.99)
  • May 19 – III: The Changing Tide ($1.99)
  • May 26 – IV: Light’s Sacrifice ($1.99)
  • June 2 – V: Endless Dawn ($1.99)
  • June 9 – End: Lost in the Waves ($1.99)
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