Oxenfree coming to PS4 on May 31

The indie hit from Night School Studios offers new goodies, too.


Oxenfree from Night School Studio was a surprise hit when it came out for Xbox One in January. Given that momentum, the company has announced that it will be bringing the title to PlayStation 4 on May 31.

The game will have some changes and updates, according to Sean Krankel, one of the founders of Night School. "We’ve added all kinds of improvements to push the experience beyond anything the public has seen yet, including transforming your DualShock 4 into the game’s supernatural radio via the controller’s speaker and light bar. But the most thrilling addition is the creation of a surreal New Game+ mode that will continue Alex’s story with a new purpose."

Oxenfree took the Excellence in Visual Art Award from the Independent Games Festival in March, and to keep with how beautiful the game looks, a dynamic theme is being introduced as well. "It’ll showcase an evolving Edwards Island, changing to reveal timed events from the game. So turn on your PS4 at 8 PM and you’ll see the boat arriving. But turn it on at 1 AM and you’ll probably see something crazier," Krankel said.

While a stellar game at launch, the Xbox One version was plagued with a few bugs that Night School has addressed. Hopefully, the PS4 version will launch relatively bug free.

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