Watch 50 Minutes of Mirror's Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Gameplay

The Closed Beta for Mirror's Edge Catalyst kicks off tomorrow, but we were able to access it prior to its official release. Check out everything you have to look forward to in our gameplay videos!


The Closed Beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst officially kicks off tomorrow, but we were given access to it prior to its official release. Instead of keeping all of this goodness to ourselves, we decided to record our experience with the Closed Beta and share it with you, our loyal peons readers.

The first video we have for you is the first opening segments from Mirror's Edge Catalyst's Closed Beta. You'll see Faith be released from her KSEC cell, go off the grid, and then learn both new and familiar moves.

The second video we recorded was of Mirror's Edge Catalyst's open-world gameplay, which picks up right where the previous video ends. We did this so you could check out the open-world gameplay without having to sit through the intro or the tutorial. In the following video, you'll see Faith receive some very important gear, pick up some collectibles, and complete some main and side missions.

Still want more Faith? Don't worry as we plan on delivering some more content tomorrow, so be sure to check back to see more of Mirror's Edge Catalyst in action.

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