Sega Is Allowing Mod Support Of Its PC-Emulated Titles

Well, this is a pretty surprising announcement. 


If you've ever enjoyed a classic video game through the means of an emulator, you know how useful they can be. Of course, the legality of the practice is another issue. But it looks like at least one company, a surprising one at that, is looking to embrace legal console game mods: Sega.

Sega has just announced the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub, which is a front end and fancy name for official support for modifying and redistributing PC-emulated Genesis titles via Valve's Steamworks. The hub will offer a virtual CRT TV, cartridge box decorations, a day and night cycle, and special filters to further enhance graphics. Most importantly, as the video announcement states, every Mega Drive game will feature Steam Workshop support.

This is a fairly unprecedented move from an official company like this, especially considering all of the current games available via Steam's Sega Genesis Classics Collection will be updated with the new Hub features. The hub itself won't be released until April 28, but that's only a short wait until next week to get it and play around with it and see exactly what kind of mods Sega will allow via Steamworks. Regardless of what can be done with the mods, this is a very interesting development, and I'm interested to see if any other companies decide to follow suit in the interim.

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