Heroes of the Storm Tracer Hero Gameplay Video

We spend some time Blinking around Heroes of the Storm as Tracer, who is now available for all players to play as.


Blizzard Entertainment released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm today, and with it, releasing Overwatch’s Tracer Hero into the Nexus.

I was able to partake in a quick match shortly after the patch was released, which I decided to record some gameplay of Tracer in action.

Tracer is a much more agile Hero than what I’m used to as she’s able to pop in and out of fights with her Blink ability, which allows her to quickly dash towards whatever direction. Up to 3 charges are included with a 6-second cooldown per charge, making it an effective tool for either a quick retreat or to put the nail in the coffin when an opponent is trying to flee.

Here’s around 20 minutes of gameplay footage I took of Tracer in action. Judging by the end of my gameplay session, I might have to brush up on my Heroes of the Storm skills as you can see that I’m definitely a bit rusty.

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