Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Spring Update drops tomorrow, April 19

ArenaNet has more on the line than just a few fixes and tweaks.


"As we prep for release, you'll notice that we're not doing the series of advance blog posts that we had done for some prior releases," wrote ArenaNet president Mike O'Brien in a forum post from last week. "Hopefully that's not too surprising; I've written a few times since taking this role that I think our job is to delight you with what we ship, not with talk and promises. With everything prepped now, let's have some fun together and see some hints of what's coming, and then we'll see you in the game on release day."

Dig a little deeper into Guild Wars 2's lengthy history, and you'll understand why O'Brien and his team are leery of making promises. According to PC Gamer, community members are agitated over issues such as how loot is awarded, a perceived priority given to players who pay real money for gems, and delayed features, such as components of Heart of Thorns' raid.

We do know some of what ArenaNet has planned for tomorrow, though. The tier system will undergo some changes, and scribing costs will be lowered. Community feedback will also be taken into account in other areas.

As for more concrete details, we'll just have to wait for the patch to roll out. Here's hoping the Spring Update will give dissatisfied players ample reason to return to the game.

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