MercurySteam's new game is Raiders of the Broken Planet

It is billed as an "Online Multiplayer Asymmetric Adventure"


It's been awhile since MercurySteam has been in the news. The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer has been hunkered down working on its new project, which was today revealed as Raiders of the Broken Planet.

The company tweeted out the reveal, and after about a half hour of 404 errors because of bad links, the main page now clicks through to the game page and a sign up for the beta. Thanks to the folks over at NeoGAF, who have been following the hints and teases from the company, they got some information out before the 404s hit. Even now, we are still waiting for the official press release.

Apparently the beta is for PC only (for now), but Dave Cox, who worked with MercurySteam as Konami's producer on Lords of Shadow 2 and is now consulting with the company on the game, confirmed via Twitter that the game would also be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. 

“When I was approached by MercurySteam to get involved in their new project, I jumped at the chance," Cox said in March. "It’s been my great fortune and pleasure to work with this talented studio over many years. I’m extremely excited about this very ambitious work they’re undertaking. MercurySteam continue to push boundaries and their sheer creative spirit always astounds me. It’s great to be back with my old team mates!”

Update: The press release is here The press release is here ...

Unfortunately it doesn't say much other than players will "Fight the invaders teaming up with other Raiders, or turn the tables and storm into battle with those invaders  fighting at your side! With its distinctive blend of shooting, brawling and thinking man’s strategy,Raiders of the Broken Planet is a mouth watering proposition to gamers looking for an immersive, cinematic story coupled with intense and epic action."

Apparently MS will be self-publishing the game with an episodic story-driven narrative. “We saw an exciting opportunity with this title to take advantage of digital distribution and offer the game at a much lower entry point than would otherwise have been possible," a company spokesman said. "This model also allows us to work closely with gamers to create something that they can help shape too.”

NeoGAF also dug up some extra images.

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