Pokemon live-action film may be in the works

Could a live-action Pokemon film be coming to the big screen?


It appears Pokemon Go won’t be the only place where we can expect Pokemon to pop up in real life as The Pokemon Company is reportedly trying to get a live-action film to be produced.

The Hollywood Reporter is claiming a “top-secret auction” for the film rights to Pokemon is currently taking place and is close to being completed. Legendary Entertainment looks to be leading the pack of investors looking to secure the Pokemon property, although Warner Bros. and Sony are still in the running with both companies being very interested in working with The Pokemon Company.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon series, making it a shame that a live-action film is being considered now. Hopefully if the live-action film gets picked up, we could enjoy it in time for Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. At least this year we got some Pokemon-themed lingerie, right?

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