New expansion pack and free content coming to Star Wars: Battlefront this spring

Specials events and more are in the pipe for DICE's multiplayer blaster.


Star Wars: Battlefront has been through more ups and downs since its release last November than the Millennium Falcon maneuvering through an asteroid field. Even the critics who liked the game agreed that it needed more: more events, more weapons, more iconic characters—more everything.

Electronic Arts and DICE agree, and has lots of content in the works to keep players coming back... or perhaps more accurately, to woo them back if they drifted away after release. "We are always listening to community feedback and working to improve the game, and are very excited about what’s to come," EA said in an update. "In the next few months all players can look forward to free additions."

The developer is taking a multi-pronged approach to creating those free additions, including more Hutt contracts, special events like double-score weekends and community events, and the community's most oft-requested feature: offline content. EA wouldn't get into specifics on that front, but promised more info "soon."

Players who purchased the game's Season Pass will also receive a second digital expansion pack, Bespin, this June. Bespin is set in and around Cloud City, and comprises four new maps across all of Battlefront's modes of play.

EA's also giving the Season Pass a jolt of new content. Eight heroes have been added, and will be distributed across soon-to-be-released expansions.

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