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In Aliens vs. Pinball, no one can hear you scream

New pinball title for the console and PC from Zen Studios will have three different tables.


Shackers love the arcade. There is nothing like getting your hands on old pinball games or old arcade game cabinets to get the felling of nostalgia from a simpler time in games. It's even a staple of ShackCons whenever possible. So it makes sense that we cover this story about a new pinball game coming from Zen Studios called Aliens vs. Pinball. Granted, it's not the same as Tommy playing "a mean pinball" in the arcade, but it looks interesting for the small screen.

The game will have three distinct tables. In Aliens pinball, Ripley and the Colonial Marines are on display with a table based on the 1986 Aliens film. On the Alien: Isolation table, you'll revisit Sevastopol Space Station with Amanda Ripley. And on the Aliens vs. Predator table, you'll hunt as a young Yautja warrior.

The game will feature leaderboards, as well as voiceovers and special effects from the games and movies.

The Aliens vs. Pinball pack will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation Network, Steam, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon on April 26

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  • reply
    April 13, 2016 9:55 AM

    John Keefer posted a new article, In Aliens vs. Pinball, no one can hear you scream

    • reply
      April 13, 2016 10:04 AM

      This story should get LOTS of Shack love. Long live ShackCon.

    • reply
      April 13, 2016 10:13 AM

      Nice. Hope it's good!

      It's so doofy that now I hope all Pinball FX stuff comes out to their VR platform as well. I wish it was all the same platform instead of having the VR thing only support three games. It's really well-done.

      • reply
        April 13, 2016 3:21 PM

        Oh man, the VR version has its own separate tables? That sucks. I would have thought they just added VR mode to the original game. Isn't everything 3D modeled anyways?

    • reply
      April 13, 2016 11:53 AM

      Man, I hardly play all the different tables I've bought on various platforms (why, oh, why can't technology let me buy stuff just ONCE!?), but I'm totally buying this when it comes out. That just looks like a really cool table.

      But, Dagg, which platform???? Too bad you can't link Steam to Google Play. waaaa

    • reply
      April 13, 2016 12:17 PM

      no one can hear you tilt would have been better

    • reply
      April 13, 2016 12:48 PM

      Looks pretty cool. Are these based on real machines?

      • reply
        April 13, 2016 1:40 PM

        I don't think a single Zen table is based on a real machine.

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