How to Get the Armor of the Sun and more from the Crow's Nest in Dark Souls 3

Learn how to get the fan-favorite Armor of the Sun and more with this guide on all the tradeable items that can be obtained from the Crow’s Nest above Firelink Shrine in Dark souls 3.


At this point in time the quirky crow who likes to trade items when you aren’t looking has become a staple item for Dark Souls players and From Software hasn’t changed the formula up much. Once you locate the Crow’s Nest in Firelink Shrine you can drop off items and come back later to find new items waiting to be picked up. We’ve compiled a complete list of the items you can pick up, including the Armor of the Sun that so many of you are already looking for.

The item on the left is the item you will need to leave in the Crow’s Nest, and the item on the right is the item you will receive for leaving a specific item behind. We’ve also bolded the items that you receive to make them more easily distinguished when using this guide.

Siegbrau - Armor of the Sun

Homeward Bone - Iron Bracelets, Call Over Gesture

Undead Bone Shard - Porcine Shield

Seed of a Giant Tree - Iron Leggings

Lightning Urn - Iron Helm

Vertebra Shackle - Lucatiel’s Mask

Loretta’s Bone - Ring of Sacrifice

Mendicant’s Staff - Sunlight Shield

Eleonora - Hollow Gem

Moaning Shield - Blessed Gem

Xanthous Crown - Lightning Gem

Large Leather Shield - Twinkling Titanite

Coiled Sword Fragment - Titanite Slab

Prism Stone - Twinkling Titanite

Avelyn - Titanite Scale

Blacksmith Hammer - Titanite Scale

Black Firebomb, Rope Black Firebomb - Titanite Chunk

Firebomb, Rope Firebomb - Large Titanite Shard

Alluring Skull - Hello Carving

Shriving Stone - I’m Sorry Carving

Divine Blessing - Very Good! Carving

Hidden Blessing - Thank You Carving

Crystal Chime - Help Me! Carving

Caitha’s Chime - Help Me! Carving

Priest’s Chime - Help Me! Carving

Saint-Tree Bellvine - Help Me! Carving

Cleric’s Sacred Chime - Help Me! Carving

Yorshka’s Chime - Help Me! Carving

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