The King of Fighters XIV punches and kicks its way to the US in 2016

SNK Playmore and Atlus will bring the newest installment in the long-running fighting franchise exclusively to PS4.


Street Fighter 5's current paucity of content got you down? Tired of ripping out spines in Mortal Kombat X? SNK Playmore is partnering with Atlus U.S.A. to a host of familiar faces to punch, but in a new setting: The King of Fighters XIV, due to make its way to the US exclusively on PS4 later in 2016.

In even bigger news, the 14th iteration in the franchise will feature 3D graphics — a series first. Don't worry: fans can expect the game mechanics they've grown to love since 1994, including three-on-three fights and 50 characters (19 new and 31 vets), all available right out of the gate.

With The King of Fighters 14, SNK hopes to find middle ground between in-depth fighting systems that fans expect, and accessibility engendered to attract new fans. "There's been some meticulous refinement to the game's fighting engine to be more streamlined and approachable for newcomers," according to a press release. "There are also notable improvements made to the 'Combo' and 'MAX Mode' game mechanics, and the "RUSH" feature, which adds simplified combo inputs for novices."

Also new to the party is Party Battle, a mode that organizes two teams of six human players in an online bout. And for benevolent pros willing to pass along their knowledge to newbies, an online training mode lets players meet in a virtual arena for a tutoring session.

As for when you can get your hands on The King of Fighters 14, SNK and Atlus have yet to provide a concrete release date, saying only that the game will land on PS4 this year.

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