Koi launches on PS4 next week

Just keep swimming.


Oasis Games has announced its award-winning exploration adventure game, Koi, will release on the PlayStation 4 on April 19.

Koi will have players guiding a small fish through murky waters that have been tainted by man, which will require it to solve puzzles, discover hidden melodies and complete additional zen-like missions in order to bring light to the darkened waters.

Koi was originally released on mobile devices and received positive accolades and awards overseas, including winning the Modian Web PlayStation Developer Competition. The title was developed by Tianjin-based indie studio Dotoyou, making it the first Chinese-developed game to be published on the PlayStation 4 for Western audiences.

Koi will be available on April 19th and will retail for $9.99 and $7.99 for PlayStation Plus members.

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