California Congressman Under Investigation For $1,300 in Steam Purchases

That's a lot of purchases, especially during a sale.


California Congressman Duncan Hunter (R) is in hot water with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). It seems as though Hunter, who many know as the "vaping Congressman," allegedly racked up $1,302 of campaign funds to purchase a ton of Steam games. Yeah, that's a lot of Steam games.

Hunter claims his campaign's credit card was actually pilfered by his teenage son to buy one game, and the rest of the charges piled on after that, unauthorized expenses one after another. According to Hunter, he's trying to get those charges reversed before repaying the campaign account, which were listed on his 2015 financial breakdown as "personal expenses to paid back."

Obviously the issue here is that campaign funds are not to be used for personal expenses, though there are several politicians who end up reaching into those cookie jars in order to fund other ventures. This usually isn't too much of an issue with the US House Ethics Committee as long as the funds are replaced, but this is a different situation that clearly needs to be investigated further.

According to Hunter's spokesman Joe Kasper, the funds will not be paid back into the campaign fund "pending the outcome of the fraud investigation." It remains to be seen at this time of course what the actual story is, but it'll all come out in the wash.

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