Black Desert Online Went On To Sell 400,000 Copies During Its First Month

Yes, they are the Bartmen now.


If you've played around with Black Desert Online's character creator, you know the exquisite pain of messing about with it for hours trying your hardest to come up with something that even resembles you in the slightest. It's hard, damn it. And it's not something I'd wish on anyone who's a perfectionist. But apparently a lot of people are digging the game proper, as the game has sold 400,000 copies in its first month on both the North American and European markets.

The gorgeous but flawed MMO is set to become one of Korea's "most successful games in the west" according to today's press release via Daum Games Europe CEO Min Kim. The team attributes a good chunk of the game's success to the purchase-to-play business model adopted for the west. Players only have to buy the game one time to play it continually rather than playing a monthly fee, and that seems to be paying off. It's recorded, according to Kim, a "much higher pay ratio than the average 11 percent normally seen in free-to-play games."

I haven't spent much time with the MMO itself, but it looks intriguing. I did, however, spend an ungodly amount of time trying to replicate my real-life looks in the character creator, and that alone is probably worth the purchase price.

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    Brittany Vincent posted a new article, Black Desert Online Went On To Sell 400,000 Copies During Its First Month

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      April 6, 2016 1:02 PM

      The game is a blast, but it's definitely niche. A lot of western players may not like the game as it doesn't hold your hand for *anything* and requires you to either look up guides or just play the game.

      It reminds me of the older MMO's where you had to talk to the NPC's, and explore to learn about the game, where it didn't just shuffle you around from one quest zone to the next.