Ubisoft to fix buggy backpacks in The Division with April 12 patch

A patch slated for April 12 will cure your backpack-crafting woes.


Bummed about your backpack bugging out in The Division? Ubisoft community manager Natchai Stappers took to the game's forums to assure frustrated players that the issue, which locks you out of your account after crafting a high-end bag, will be resolved in the version 1.1 update scheduled for April 12.

Following several mega-threads concerning the bug, Ubisoft launched an investigation to suss out the cause of the lockout, gathering information such as the last time players experienced an inventory overflow, any error codes they received, the platform on which they play, and whether or not they crafted a high-end backpack. The latter was pegged as the root of the problem.

"Thanks to your input we've been able to identify the cause of the issue," Stappers wrote in an update. We have not yet pushed a patch for this, but it's our top priority in bug fixing and we'll deploy the solution as soon as possible."

To many players, Ubi's response falls into the close-but-no-cigar category. In addition to curing the glitch, Videogames274.com notes that the planned update will add raid-style activities called Incursions, new gear, loot trading, and assignments that earn you tech or credits. All that sounds great, but why wait to deploy a fix to such a major problem? As some users pointed out on the forums, the situation has provoked a case of the haves versus the have-nots. "Really feeling dismayed by this treatment," wrote user SKBSKB. "Waiting until April 12 is not a solution for a game we paid for. Everyone is getting ahead of us in crafting materials, leveling alts and crafting."

I'm no developer, but even players guilty of an action as egregious as crafting a new tote in a game predicated on shooting and crafting should be able to reenter the fray sooner rather than later. Roll out the fix now, and hold back gameplay additions for the 1.1 update as planned.

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