Xbox One owners can now turn their console into a dev kit

It was nearly three years when Microsoft made its original promise, and today, that promise has been realized.


Microsoft promised every Xbox One console could eventually become a dev kit nearly three years ago, and today, the company is making good on their promise by allowing preview members unlock this feature for free starting today.

While Xbox One preview members are the only users able to turn their console into a dev kit, everyone else will be able to activate this feature later this summer. While many features will be available for free, those who wish to take advantage of Microsoft’s full suite of abilities for the Xbox One will need to create a DeV Center account, which costs $19.

Dev Mode will allow anyone with an Xbox One to build and test their game using Universal Windows Program (UWP) development tools.

Even though Xbox One preview members can now turn their console into a dev kit, ID@Xbox director Chris Charla recommends those who would like to tinker around with the feature should wait until its full release. Just like with all Xbox One preview releases, Dev Mode is currently being worked on and may cause issues in its current state.

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