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You Can Now Join Clubs in Yandere Simulator in the Name of Senpai

But which club would Senpai want you to be in?!


Obsessive stalker game Yandere Simulator is still in the pipeline, and now it's got an additional mode that fans will want to get a look at: club benefits.

Previously the concept of clubs (the kind you join and participate in during school) was introduced, and now the latest build of the game features clubs for you to join, enjoy, and reap the benefits of.

There's a wide selection of clubs, like Cooking, Drama, Occult, Art, and even Gardening. Each club provides its own buff and advantages for players, such as the Cooking Club allowing members to create their own snacks to feed them to other students for a reputation boost. Similarly, anyone in the Art Club can wear a painter's smock to keep from looking suspicious if they happen to be covered in blood.

If Yandere-chan joins a club she will also begin to sport a club-related accessory on her head or neck, which will go away if the club closes. There's also a whole host of bug fixes and new additions if you're a fan of the game. It'll be interesting to see how it shakes out when development has finally been completed.

You can see the full list of updates and club benefits at the official Yandere Simulator development blog.

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