New Street Fighter 5 costumes leak ahead of March update

Here are just some of the new costumes we can look forward to.


The highly-anticipated March update for Street Fighter 5 released across all platforms yesterday, although players can’t fight as Alex until tomorrow since only the first part of the patch was made available. While we’re all anticipating tomorrow’s update, fans have discovered new alternate character costumes.

The newly-discovered costumes are for R.Mika, Zangief, Ken, Laura, Birdie, and Karin. Each new costume offers a unique look at each of these characters, which we can’t help but really like Zangief’s new WWE-inspired look.

These new costumes, which we assume will be available starting tomorrow, will cost 40,000 Fight Money, while Alex will cost 100,000 Fight Money.

[Via NeoGAF]

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