Tekken 7 may be headed to PC

Bandai Namco would make fighting game fans extremely happy if it were to happen.


Bandai Namco may be considering releasing a PC version of Tekken 7, according to a new survey being conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the publisher.

The survey reportedly asks the participant if they’d be interested in a PC version of Tekken 7, which has yet to become available on any platform in the West. The title has only been available in Japanese arcades last year.

Fighting games have started to take off on PC over the past few years as a number of popular fighters, including Mortal Kombat X, Street Fighter V, Skullgirls, and BlazBlue, have found an audience on the platform.

While the survey in no way confirms a PC version of Tekken 7 is currently in development, we certainly hope Bandai Namco considers its responses as we’re sure there’s a large community of PC fighting game fans who would love to play the game.

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