Sony shuts down DriveClub studio

It appears Evolution Studios was forced to take an indefinite trip to the pit stop.


Sony has confirmed the development studio behind DriveClub, and franchises like MotorStorm and World Rally Championship, has been shut down.

Evolution Studios’ DriveClub received a good review from us when it launched in October 2014, although it had to scrap its PlayStation Plus edition after the game suffered from server issues early on. Several months later, half of its staff were reportedly laid off, and today, the rest of the company has been let go.

In a statement submitted to, Sony says it would try to relocate some of the Evolution team members to other studios, although it can’t promise that for all of its staff.

DriveClub was planning on taking VR by storm, although now that Evolution Studios is no more, it’s uncertain at this time what will become of its VR project.

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