Learn more about Overwatch's characters through its animated short and comics

Blizzard is prepared to give us a crash course in all things Overwatch very soon.


Overwatch is releasing on May 24, but prior to its official release, Blizzard is giving fans the opportunity to learn more about its story through the use of animated shorts, digital comic shorts, and an upcoming graphic novel, Overwatch: First Strike.

The first piece of content that will focus squarely on the backstory of Overwatch is an animated short, called “Recall.” Recall will premiere on March 21 at 12pm PT on Xbox.com/Overwatch and it will tell the story of Winston, who is a genetically-enginereed gorilla and brilliant scientist who wishes the days of heorism would return. The short explores Winston’s past as he’s forced to make a decision that could impact the future of Overwatch as the forces of Talon attack his laboratory.

The next is a series of free digital comics that will debut in April and will continue through the game’s May 24th launch. The six-issue series will focus on different heroes, like Roadhog and Junkrat and the power-armor wearing Reinhardt.

Lastly, the first graphic novel for Overwatch will be released later this year and will take place during the Omnic Crisis. This time in Overwatch’s history takes place decades prior to the events players experience in the game as a global robot army rises up against humans. The graphic novel will offer origins stories to some of its founding members, like Solider: 76, Torbjörn, Reaper, and Reinhardt.

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