The King of Fighters XIV roster grows in new teaser trailer

We definitely spot some of the previously-leaked fighters in this teaser trailer, like Sylvie.


SNK Playmore has released a new teaser for The King of Fighters XIV that highlights some of the previously-announced fighters and some new ones, including Sylvie who looks like she took her clothes directly out of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s closet.

The teaser trailer shows fighters Robert, K’, Kula, Maxima, Billy, Benimaru, Choi, Chang, and many more.

Longtime fans of The King of Fighters series were concerned to see the game transitioning to a 3D fighter, but after watching how the action unfolds in this latest teaser trailer, we feel confident the game will offer the same worthwhile fighting experience as previous iterations.

Earlier this week, the full roster was allegedly leaked, giving us a clearer indication of who will be entering the fray. Considering some of the new fighters in this trailer, such as Sylvie, appear to be included in that leak.

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