Ubisoft announces social VR party game, Werewolves Within

Why bother going over to someone's house for game night when you can do hold one in VR?


Ubisoft has announced a new VR multiplayer game that attempts to bring the fun of game night with friends to virtual reality, called Werewolves Within.

Werewolves Within has players sitting around a campfire in the medieval village of Gallowston, where they need to uncover werewolves that have been known to terrorize the townsfolk. Players will assume randomly assigned roles at the start of each game, with some characters having special abilities that will help players learn who is the werewolf in disguise. The dynamic experiences are quick, with roles changing each round.

Players can create Private Matches with friends or be grouped in a Quick Match with friends and others looking to play. Werewolves Within uses voice detection to offer position tracking technology and animations based purely on your vocal inflection, allowing your VR in-game character to mimic players’ real-life actions and body language.

Werewolves Within supports five to eight people within a single game and is scheduled to release across major VR platforms in Fall 2016.

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