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The King of Fighters XIV full roster may have just leaked

Could this be all 50 fighters we can expect in The King of Fighters XIV?


SNK Playmore has been steadily revealing its lineup of fighters for The King of Fighters XIV, with the last reveal taking place nearly a month ago. A total of 50 fighters are expected to be available, and while the developer has been careful with their reveals, it appears its full roster has leaked ahead of it’s official announcement.

The leak features a number of fighters we already knew about, such as Robert Garcia, Terry Bogard, and King of Dinosaurs. The image even highlights characters that are new to the KOF series as they have a red highlight around them, including the game’s Boss and Final Boss, which have been dimmed as to not reveal their identity.

What makes this leak more believable is the fact it aligns with the a character roster that leaked several months ago. Here are the fighters that were leaked from that original list:

Rumored Roster for KOF14:

Japan team, Iori team, Fatal Fury team, K team, Ikari team, Psycho Soldier team are the same as usual

Art of Fighting team - Ryo, Robert, Yuri

Women Fighters team - King, Mai, Alice Nakata

South Town team - Geese, Billy, butler

Kim team - Kim, Kim's Master, Master's wife

Prisoner team - Chang, Choi, New leader character wearing a windbreaker on top of his orange prisoner clothing

Mexico team - Ramon, Angel, Tizoc wearing a dinosaur costume and gone heel

Main hero team - Tung Fue Rue, Youth who was grown by Tung and possesses the devil's power, a child with a pillow

Official invite team - Chinese girl with Sichuan Opera mask, idol singer girl, a hooded man related to the antagonists in the KOF13 ending

South America team - Ninja, Cyborg Boxer, a slightly tanned girl with a Toucan

Another world team - Nakoruru, Love Heart, Mui Mui

Mid boss: Millionaire Russian tournament organizer named Antonov (half-naked like Geese and Krauser).

Last boss: Non-human being with the ability to move through time, space and dimensions and pull out fighters from wherever he wants.

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