Dark Souls 3 will support 60fps framerate

Praising intesifies.


Dark Souls 3 will support 60fps on PC, the official Dark Souls Twitter account has confirmed.

A rumor circulated earlier this week suggesting the PC version would be capped at 30fps, but Bandai Namco has confirmed the rumor was incorrect now that it has stated Dark Souls 3 will run at 60fps on PC.

Bandai Namco has yet to confirm the console version’s framerate, although we suspect it’ll run at 30fps, just like Bloodborne’s framerate.

The original Dark Souls was capped at 30fps when it released, leaving modders to have to create something to support 60fps. Dark Souls 2 did support 60fps gameplay when it released, but a durability bug caused weapons to degrade twice as fast due to the higher framerate.

Hopefully From Software has learned from its past mistakes with its PC ports of the Dark Souls series as we know many of you are looking forward to the title, especially its PC version.

[Via Twitter]

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