Psyonix teases Rocket League Hoops mode prior to start of March Madness

Rocket League is going to bring home a W, baby!


Psyonix has teased a new game mode for Rocket League that will get Dick Vitale excited just by hearing its name: Rocket League Hoops.

The developer teased the new game mode on its official Twitter account yesterday evening, which tied into the upcoming March Madness season. The tease included a single image of vehicles racing around in a basketball-themed arena where it appears players will need to take to the air in order to score. That’s because the basketball hoop stands a few feet above the arena, which means you’re going to have to start practicing your Rocket League jump shots.

Considering this tease was for March Madness, we wouldn’t be surprised if Rocket League Hoops becomes available before the end of March.

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