New Super Mario Maker update introduces new items, costumes, and 'Super Expert' difficulty

We can't even begin to imagine how hard 'Super Expert' difficulty levels will be.


Nintendo has released a free update for Super Mario Maker that adds some additional items, modes, and features fans of the title will certainly want to try out.

Super Mario Maker has added the Key item from Super Mario World, which Mario can grab to unlock keyholes in order to access a new part of a particular level. Locked doors have also been added to supplement the Key item, since they work in tandem. The new items can be accessed by shaking the P-Switch and Door items, respectively. The Key item can also be attached to enemies, which forces players to defeat them in order to retrieve the item.

Today’s update also includes a new skewer obstacle, which can be accessed by shaking the Thwomp item, and a Pink Coin, which is accessed by shaking a Gold Coin.

A new difficulty setting is also being introduced, called “Super Expert.” The difficulty will be added to the 100-Mario Challenge and will pull random courses that have been categorized as “Super Expert” once they’re created. Players who complete the 100-Mario Challenge on the Super Expert difficulty will earn five new Mystery Mushroom costumes. Three new costume rewards will also be made available to Normal difficulty and four to Expert difficulty.

Speaking of costumes, Professor E. Gadd from the Luigi’s Mansion series and Daisy costumes have been added.

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