This Super Famicom 3DS XL is Worth Importing

It's the only way.


Japan will forever get better video game-related swag than we do. It's fact. There's no point in disputing it. The latest Nintendo Direct (at least Nintendo's home Japanese division) proves this fact with the sexy New 3DS XL emblazoned with Super Famicom accoutrements.

The outside of the 3DS has special graphics inspired by the Super Famicom as well as face buttons that channel the system. It'll go for about $189 and it's selling in April, so I'm going to have to get ready to preorder ASAP.

It's interesting that a Super Nintendo model for western audiences hasn't been announced just yet, but if Nintendo's history with special editions is any indication it might not look anywhere near as cool. Just take the Pokemon Red and Blue New 3DS editions that look like amateur sticker art. Please, no.

Will you be buying one of these babies?

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