Paper Mario Color Splash adds much needed colors to Prism Island in 2016

You're looking a little pale. Let's add some color!


Nintendo has announced a new Paper Mario game is currently in development, called Paper Mario Color Splash.

In Paper Mario Color Splash, Mario has a special Paint Hammer that splashes paint when he uses it. The game takes place on Prism Island, which is regularly being drained of its color. That sets off Paper Mario to find out what exactly is going on, and to hopefully bring color back to the land.

The Paint Hammer is very important to the game as it can be used to splash paint on anything he hits, which will restore the island’s color bit by bit. The hammer can also be used to revive colorless Toads.

Players will use cards to battle enemies, which need a splash of color to be used. Once colored, the player will simply flick the card to use them. There are special cards available that will deliver devastating attacks.

Paper Mario Color Splash will be available in 2016.

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