New Thimbleweed Park trailer introduces us to its strange inhabitants

There are some weird things going on in Thimbleweed Park.


A new trailer for Thimbleweed Park has surfaced like a dead, bloated body found in a river at the edge of town.

The trailer for Thimbleweed Park is narrated by Agent Ray herself as she describes not only what brought her to the town, but also her thoughts on its extremely strange and bizarre inhabitants.

Thimbleweed Park features a total of five playable characters that will help the player in learning what exactly is going on in this quaint little town. We catch a glimpse of all five characters towards the end of the trailer, one of which appears to be dead.

Thimbleweed Park is scheduled to release on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and Linux in late 2016 with an iOS and Android release coming shortly after. After watching its trailer, you'll soon see why I considered it one of my most anticipated titles of the year.

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