Disney Infinity 3.0 gets the bear necessities from Baloo from The Jungle Book

You're going to forget about your worries and your strife when Baloo comes to Disney Infinity.


Disney Interactive held a special event to showcase what was next for Disney Infinity 3.0, and as we suspected, the company will be releasing a figure for its upcoming release of The Jungle Book.

Baloo the Bear is coming to Disney Infinity 3.0. Instead of his realisitc look in the upcoming live-action Jungle Book film, Disney decided to go for the more classic Baloo look from the original film. As you’d expect, Baloo is the perfect addition to Disney Infinity 3.0 as he oozes with personality and positive vibes, although he’ll give enemies a good thwacking with his large palm tree, various fruit, and different parts of his body. All of which looks absolutely adorable as Baloo looks like he’s having a good time no matter what he’s doing.

The Jungle Book is coming to theaters on April 15, and while Disney Interactive didn’t reveal when we can expect Baloo the Bear to dance his way into Disney Infinity 3.0, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him sometime next month.

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