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New Double Dragon games are in development

Billy Lee and Jimmy are back! Yes -- again!


New Double Dragon games are currently in development, original series director Yoshihisa Kishimoto revealed today in an interview with PlayStation Blog.

The reveal of more Double Dragon games comes on the very day the arcade version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge has become available for purchase on PlayStation 4. In the interview, Hamster Corporation president and CEO Satoshi Hamada asks Kishimoto-san to leave a message to all of the Double Dragon fans around the world. “We are planning to develop new Double Dragon games, so please look forward to them,” he responded.

Double Dragon: Neon was the last new game in the series, which was developed by WayForward. While the game received decent review scores, it didn’t perform as well as Majesco would have liked at the time. Seeing as how it came out nearly four years ago, now would be a great time to once again reintroduce gamers to the Double Dragon series. Let’s just hope it performs better than Double Dragon: Neon did.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

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