Battlefield 5 may take place in World War I

Can we expect to experience a battle between the Allied Forces and the Central Powers if Battlefield 5 releases in October?


EA confirmed a new Battlefield game would be coming this year, which as you’d expect is currently in development, but it has yet to officially discuss details surrounding the next game in its iconic first-person shooter series. Today, Swiss retailer World of Games may have leaked some of the first information regarding Battlefield 5.

According to World of Games’ listing, Battlefield 5 is being described as a “multiplayer tactical shooter in World War I” with an expected release date of October 26, 2016. There may be some truth to its possible release date considering Battlefield 4 released on October 29, 2013 as it tends to avoid directly competing with the Call of Duty series, which tends to release in mid November.

Having World War I be the setting for Battlefield 5 would certainly be interesting, considering the majority of AAA shooters often don’t go anywhere prior to World War II. We’d certainly be interested to see what kind of experiences DICE has planned for the game, that is, if World of Games’ listing is to be believed, especially considering the retailer updated the listing to remove any mention of World War I in its description.

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