Former Anti-Violent Gaming Activist Leland Yee Sentenced To Five Years in Jail

Yee-haw, that's a long time. 


Talk about ironic. It appears that former California state senator Leland Yee has officially been sentenced to five years in jail.

If the name sounds familiar, it should: Yee is famous for campaigning against violent video games, authoring AB-1179, a bill that, if passed, would have outlawed the sale of violent video games. The bill was struck down by the Supreme Court, of course, but it obviously made headlines and concerned game activists (and people like us) everywhere due to its alarming implications.

Yee himself incredulously seems to be acting like a video game villain himself, after being found guilty for racketeering, accepting cash bribes, taking part in a gun-importing conspiracy, and who knows what else. For someone campaigning so strongly against video game violence, it's almost comical to see him having gone down such a path. Are violent video games to blame for his wrongdoings?

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