The Division DLC will be exclusive to Xbox One for 30 days

We guess it'll be up to Xbox One players to make Manhattan great again.


We learned the Xbox One version Tom Clancy’s The Division would be getting first dibs on downloadable content, with PlayStation 4 and PC users expected to wait for an undetermined amount of time for their shot at new DLC. Today, we’ve learned Xbox One owners will receive any new DLC first for 30 days.

The announcement comes from a rather unorthodox source as a GameStop promotional video revealed the Xbox One’s 30 day exclusive. The video features a number of GameStop associates checking The Division out at a New York City event, where one of the employees mentions the 30-day exclusivity.

The Division joins a long list of games that offer DLC exclusivity for a specific platform, so this is nothing new to gamers at this point. While this is certainly a good thing for Microsoft, it just further fragments fans of the game as those who don’t own an Xbox One, or prefer to play The Division on another platform, will have to wait to experience the same content a month later.

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