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YouTube Is Hideo Kojima's Latest Conquest

The Biggest Boss of all is headed to YouTube to make it his own. 


Hideo Kojima is a man of many talents. He develops games, he makes exciting things out of previously established gaming licenses, and now he's a YouTube blogger.

That last part may not sound very interesting, but if you're a fan of Kojima's and are interested in what he has to say about various topics outside of the realm of games, this is very big news. Under the Kojima Productions YouTube banner, Kojima's first video has been posted, called HideoTube. What's it about? It's Kojima and his buddy Kenji Yano talking about their favorite movies of 2015.

It's an interesting top list that covers some entertaining movies I personally hadn't heard of here in the States. In fact, I spent way too long watching the video itself while writing this post and whittled away precious daylight to bring you this bit of news. You should give it a look and toss a few views ol' Kojima's way.

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