Guitar Hero Live also sold poorly

We guess gamers just don't want to rock out anymore.


It appears Rock Band 4 wasn’t the only rock band simulator to not sell well as Activision has reported Guitar Hero Live did not meet its expectations.

During a financial call yesterday evening, Activision said Guitar Hero Live suffered “lower than expected performance.” Its poor sales reaffirms the publisher’s stance on releasing a new Guitar Hero game this console generation, and will instead focus on delivering more downloadable content for Guitar Hero Live. Doing so will allow the company to cost-effectively deliver new content and continue to build its installed base.

It seemed like many gamers were excited when both Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 were first announced, but as we learned more in regards to how both games would perform, it seemed less and less likely people would invest their time and money for more cumbersome controllers. This holds true for Guitar Hero Live, which did not support last-gen instruments.

It appears the resurgence of rock band simulation games may be fading out as quickly as it was resurrected. If you were some of the people who purchased either game, hold on to them tight as it might be a long time until you get another one.

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