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Consumers Are Ready For PlayStation VR

I know I am. 


At the Vision Summit today, Dr. Richard Marks, chief of PlayStation VR, held a conference on the importance of Sony's move into the VR market and why it would be worth developers' time to work on the platform.

Marks quoted the installed number of PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide, which is over 36 million, as being the primary reason Sony projects their PlayStation VR would be a success. With that many consoles in place, Sony could have the strongest launching point of any of the VR contenders coming to the market.

For the Oculus VR and the HTC Vive consumers will need a high-end PC gaming rig to run the headsets at the recommended specs. Including the $599 of the Oculus VR and the projected price point of the HTC Vive, which is around the same price, VR on PC could be a very costly endeavor. In contrast, the PlayStation 4 can be had for $349 brand new, and will support the PlayStation VR out-of-the-box on release day.

In any case, the VR arms race is shaping up to be one of the most interesting market cases in the gaming industry since the console wars of the 90's. Competition can be a good thing, but hopefully, we don't see one of these VR headsets going the way of HD-DVD and leaving people with pricey equipment they can't use.

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